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Our latest unique sets of Quilt As You Go Rulers are now available for you to purchase, just click on the image below to watch a demo video and see how these rulers can make life easier for you and save you a ton of time

Stitch Assist Dual PackPre-Order your Handspan Quilting Rulers

Hide-a-Seam Dual PackPre-Order your Handspan Quilting Rulers

We are accepting orders now and will ship your rulers with 24hrs of receipt of payment.

Unique Quilting Rulers

After years of machine embroidery I still find that using the existing range of Quilting Rulers available on the market was sometimes difficult and tiring to use. So after much thought I decided to design my own.

Now you too can benefit from the lessons I have learnt and the feedback from my students and quilt your own quilts with our easy to use range of Handspan Rulers.

These rulers are so easy to use, it's simply amazing'

After several trials with the ladies that attend my studio we have finalised the design of our first set of rulers, started the production process, receives the packaging and are now shipping orders.

Handspan Rulers

International Orders

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Australian Orders

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