International Orders 1/4"-5/8"

Order NOW - only $35.00us plus p&p

International Orders - 5/8"-1"

Order NOW - only $35.00us plus p&p

International Orders - Twin Pack

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Stitch Assist Rulers

After years of machine embroidery I still find that sewing decorative strips to enhance our creations can be difficult and time consuming. So after much thought we can up with our own Unique ruler tah tahke all the hard work away.

Now you too can benefit from the lessons I have learnt and the feedback from my students and quilt your own quilts with our easy to use range of Handspan Rulers.

These rulers are so easy to use, it's simply amazing'

After several trials with the ladies that attend my studio we have finalised the design of our first set of rulers, started the production process, and are now shipping orders.

International Order Combo Pack $75.00usd + P&P

Australian Orders - Combo Pack $100.00aud + P&P

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